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Kampstaal’s parent company, Gilden Beheer, now operating as GB Steel Group

If you look up the word ‘guild’ in the dictionary, you will find the definition ‘association of craftsmen’. Kampstaal forms part of such an association: the GB Steel Group.

The GB Steel Group is all about steel and the six companies that work with this material: Beijer Constructie, machinefabriek Hordal, Kamplacon Dak- en Wandconstructies, Nauta Staalbouw Heeg, Vossebelt Kippers and, of course, Kampstaal Staalbouw.

By quickly engaging other companies within the group, the GB Steel Group is able to work particularly flexibly. No project is too big. If it needs to, Kampstaal can call on the assistance of five additional companies to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Solid basis for the future

With these six experienced companies, the GB Steel Group provides a solid basis for your construction projects – both in the Netherlands and further afield. Our aim is to put our global knowledge, experience and construction speed on the map. For over thirty years the group has operated under the name Gilden Beheer. The group’s international ambitions now call for a more appropriate name, however: the GB Steel Group. This name still stands for the familiar level of quality, but is better suited to the international stage.