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05 december 2022

Parking garage Willemspoort

We have started the construction of the new circular parking garage Willemspoort in Den Bosch.

23 november 2022

Datacenter Switch

In Diemen we build a new datacenter for Switch. For this great project, we deliver, produce and assemble all the steelwork.

22 november 2022

Parking garage Cooltoren

In the heart of Rotterdam, we build a completely new parking garage next to the 154m high Cooltoren.

04 juli 2022

Scania Hasselt

We supplied and assembled the steel construction and associated trusses for the new Scania building in Hasselt.

21 juli 2020

Hoogweg bell pepper nursery

Kampstaal has started erecting the steel construction for the biomass installations and the new main building of Hoogweg bell pepper nursery in Luttelgeest.

16 april 2020

Steel construction new building Vattenfall

Kampstaal supplies and assembles the steel construction and landing steps and fencing for Vattenfall's new building on behalf of Friso Bouwgroep and Engie Services.


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