Kampstaal staalbouw: a leading name in steel structures

Kampstaal staalbouw has been a leading name in the area of steel structures for more than forty years. It is our flexibility and quality that set us apart. The continuous investments we make in our own machinery and our impressive production area covering 17,000 m2 ensure that Kampstaal is a flexible partner. Any last-minute changes to the certified production process can be taken care of easily and lead times, from the drawing phase through to on-site installation, are short. Kampstaal delivers quality with the future in mind: since 2012 we have complied fully with the requirements for CE certification, which became mandatory in July 2014. We use BIM for our constructions and are therefore a construction partner in every respect – one that for many years has been offering solutions for both today and tomorrow.

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04 juni 2020

GB Steel Group acquires Machinefabriek Emmen

GB Steel Group acquires Machinefabriek Emmen. With 65 employees, MF Emmen is a big name in civil and mechanical engineering.

13 maart 2020

Policy statement Corona GB Steel Group

Our adjusted policy statement due to COVID-19.

18 juli 2019

'Limit risks with the help of our knowledge and experience'

How did we perform in 2018? You can read all about it in our annual report.


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