05 september 2019

Management change Kampstaal & Kamplacon

From 1 September 2019 onwards a change will be made to the management of Kampstaal and Kamplacon, part of GB Steel Group.

18 juli 2019

'Limit risks with the help of our knowledge and experience'

How did we perform in 2018? You can read all about it in our annual report.

04 september 2018

Circular construction - Let's come full circle

We see a trend emerging in the field of circular construction. Circular construction offers a future compared to linear construction.

01 mei 2018

Change of name Beijer

We have officially changed the name of Beijer to Kampstaal Meppel!

19 februari 2018

We have a vacancy for a technical draftsman!

We Make Steel Work - will YOU help us with drawing?

01 februari 2018

Twice the capacity at two parking garages

We add a little more - a scoop of 2700 tonnes of steel, that is!


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Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us.

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