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Circular construction – Let’s come full circle

We see a trend emerging in the field of circular construction. Circular construction offers a future compared to linear construction because many building materials are becoming scarce or even running out.

What is circular construction?

Circular construction means reusing building materials and / or building elements in other buildings. Steel structures and steel construction elements usually lend themselves well to this. Often due to only minor adjustments, steel columns and beams can easily be reused in other constructions. If we also take this into account when designing the steel structures – so more bolt connections and fewer weld connections – the elements can often be reused without modifications.

The Green House

Kampstaal contributed to the construction of the circular pavilion the Knoop, also known as The Green House in Utrecht; a temporary restaurant that is largely built with circular materials. Commissioned by R Creators DBMO vof (a combination of Strukton Worksphere BV, Ballast Nedam and Facilicom / Albron, Kampstaal supplied the steel structure (from new materials). The circular architectural design of the pavilion was designed by Cepezed from Delft. The building also has its own ‘urban farm’, and a large number of m2 of meeting space. It opened its doors on Monday, 9 April 2018. Watch this item of the Dutch news on Feb 21st 2020 (in Dutch).

Flexible application

We are proud that we were allowed to supply and assemble the hot-dip galvanized stairs and fences and of course the steel structure! The latter consists of a steel skeleton that is easily adaptable in the long term. The flexible structure consists of beams and columns that are all of the same size. In this way, the material can easily be reused in the future, be it at the same location or at a completely new location. The magic word here is flexibility. For now, The Green House is perfectly in its place on the Croeselaan! More information about this beautiful design and initiative can be found in this PDF; a nice cross-section can be seen here.

Parking garages

We are also increasingly aware of our social responsibility in the field of sustainability and the environment. We heartily welcome initiatives such as The Green House. Another good example is the construction of parking garages according to the Modupark system, which we are doing in collaboration with Ballast Nedam Parking. This results in a fully circular parking garage. You can see a nice modular example in Delft here.

Stock of circular steel

In the context of circular construction, we have also built up a stock of circular steel of around 160 tonnes. The material lists are available with us. These materials can be supplied – possibly with certificates – to be reused in the construction of steel structures for various buildings. Kampstaal can of course adjust the materials for you and, if desired, preserve it again. Contact us for more information!