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The Red Apple

It is large, bright red and impossible to miss: The Red Apple is a truly eye-catching structure in Rotterdam. Kampstaal supplied the steel structure for the adjacent Kopblok building.

Standing at a height of 124 metres in a special location next to the River Maas, The Red Apple is a striking addition to Rotterdam’s waterfront. The Kopblok is 53 metres tall at its highest point and accommodates 79 apartments and offices. On the ground floor there is space for shops and restaurants.

Designed by KCAP Architects&Planners

A special feature of the Kopblok is the overhanging design of the top floors. Here residents and office tenants enjoy a magnificent vista across the water, partly thanks to the building’s special location at the tip of Wijnhaven Island.

The building was designed by KCAP from Rotterdam, who were also responsible for the main building of the complex, with its characteristic diverging lines. The Red Apple not only owes its name to its colour. This name is also a reference to Rotterdam’s old apple market, as well as a subtle nod to that other big city on the water: The Big Apple.