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Steel structures for sports centre

In a magnificent location next to Helsdingen lake, Kampstaal and Beijer Constructie are building the new sports centre for the Municipality of Vianen. The dimensions and use of this sports centre presented challenges in the areas of transport and preservation.

Vianen’s sports centre is in a unique location: next to a beautiful lake in the middle of a natural environment. The natural profile of the landscape was used in the design of the building. For example, the sports hall is situated at the lower level and the swimming pool at the higher level. This meant that no major excavation work was needed for the swimming pool. In addition to these two elements, the sports centre also incorporates a dojo, changing rooms, staff rooms and a café.

Large trusses

The entire complex covers an area of 8,700 m2. Architectural firm Slangen+Koenis has nevertheless managed to create a compact whole that, thanks to its special location, appears to stand with its ‘feet in the water’. Kampstaal and Beijer are supplying the steel structures for this building, some of which have impressive dimensions. For the 20 to 28-metre spans we are making use of trusses. These have been divided in half to allow them to be transported by road.

20-year guarantee

As steel is exposed to unusual conditions in the environment of a swimming pool, we are paying extra attention to the preservation of these components. We have worked through the entire construction industry holiday to ensure the preservation and assembly work is completed on time for these steel components. As we have complete confidence in the components, we are offering a 20-year guarantee on them. All in all, we are supplying around 245 tonnes of steel structures for this project.