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Steel construction new building Vattenfall

Commissioned by Friso Bouwgroep and Engie Services West, we supplied and assembled the steel structures, stairs and fencing for Vattenfall’s new building. The building will be part of the Amsterdam district heating system.

Heat Accumulation Tank

The building will be equipped with 4 boilers with the possibility of a future 5th boiler. The boilers provide the hot water that is stored in the Heat Accumulation Tank (HAT) under pressure with a temperature of 130 °C. The HAT is an insulated steel tank with a diameter of more than 16 m and a height of approximately 26 m. For this project, Kampstaal is responsible for the steel construction, building-bound stairs and platforms for Friso and the process-related stairs, platforms and pipe supports for Engie Services. 

In total, approximately 800 tons of steel are processed for the steel construction, landing steps and fencing. The landing steps and fencing were made at our other location in Meppel. Kampstaal is expected to complete the work on the construction site in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Unique design

The special design of the building is being worked out by Pieters Bouwtechniek. The challenge for Kampstaal lies mainly in the obliquely ascending round shapes in combination with the auxiliary steel for the facades.

The building will be assembled in three phases, with the last phase (approx. 57 tons) being pre-assembled on the ground floor and lifted onto the building in its entirety. The first phase of this special building has now been completed by Kampstaal.