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Few people have never heard of truck manufacturer Scania – of Swedish origin. Not only can Scania trucks be found daily on Dutch roads, but they are also exported around the globe. The largest Scania factory in the world is located in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and Scania is building a new logistics centre (in Dutch) close to this factory.

In Hasselt komt namelijk een 20.000 m2 grote bedrijfshal. In deze nieuwe vestiging, die zo’n An industrial building of 20,000 m2 is being built in Hasselt. This new facility is good for around 300 jobs and is where Scania will prepare 20 trucks for export daily. This will be done by shipping the trucks in parts as a package, referred to as ‘knocked down packages’. These packages will then be shipped by container to the Port of Rotterdam, from where they can be sent to any country in the world, such as Brazil and other countries with extremely high import duties. The trucks can then be assembled on arrival.

Sounds good, but the best news, of course, is that Kampstaal and Kamplacon had the honour of providing the steel, roof and wall constructions. Not a bad order, since the new distribution centre framework trusses are two metres high and 30 metres long. This makes it possible to have a flexible layout in the facility. We set to work in Hasselt in the autumn of 2014. After the successful installation of the steel construction (around 530 tonnes!), it was cladded with steel roof sheeting with PVC roof covering and insulated sandwich wall panelling.

And in early 2016, Kampstaal started on the construction of the second facility for Scania, this time on Blaloweg in Zwolle. This distribution centre is around 15,000 m2 in size and consists of a steel construction weighing nearly 500 tonnes. We once again succeeded in building a quality facility, together with sister company Kamplacon, which provided the 17,500 m2 in roof and façade cladding, and contractor Salverda (in Dutch). After all, a returning customer is a satisfied customer!

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