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Parking garage Willemspoort

The project

Commissioned by Ballast Nedam, we started the construction of the new parking garage Willemspoort in Den Bosch. The new circular garage makes it possible to dismantle the parking garage completely and give it a second life at an alternative location.

The work

The entire steel construction is produced, assembled and delivered by us. In addition to mounting the main supporting structure, we will also install the ramps, the stairwells, the façade construction and an awning. In total, more than 250 tons of steel construction will be installed. The complete assembly is expected to take approximately 15 weeks. We started our work on location at the end of November.


At a later stage, our sister company Kamplacon will install the hollow core slabs and the roof- and facade cladding for the stairwells and the awning. Another wonderful project!

For this project we collaborated with::